Get Your Practice Online

Holistic marketing services is a trusted source in web marketing designed for massage therapists and alternative healers throughout America. If this is your first time building a website for your practice there are three things you will need. Additional options can be added later so for now let’s get familiar with the basics to get your practice online.


Domain Name
You can choose any domain name to represent your practice online just long as the domain name isn’t owned by anyone yet. You can use your practice name, your holistic modality, or even just your name.
The domain name prices that are offered through Holistic Marketing Services are among the lowest in the industry and the 24/7 service you receive is truly World Class.

Web Hosting

Once you have selected a domain name you will need web hosting. Web hosting is where your website will be stored for your clients to view your website online. Holistic marketing services offers two options for web hosting for your convenience. We at HMS can manage your hosting or you can purchase at an account from bomb Learn more about web hosting for your massage website here.


Website Development

Today’s current websites are central hubs of information about your business. Holistic Marketing Services focus is creating a website that displays your practice prominently on search engines and social media feeds. Chances are your customers are always on the go, thus massage and alternative medicine websites also need to display beautifully on mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets.